Sweet Cherry Beetle Jelly


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Beetle jelly is available in singles at 30p each and 100 for £25

Sweet Cherry beetle Jelly Pots suitable for insects, reptiles, birds and all nectar loving creatures.

Beetle Jelly
Complete feed for Beetles and other Insects.
Complementary feed for Reptiles and Parrots.
Composition : R.O. Water 58%, Sugar, Fructose 22%, Fruit juice, Seaweed Extract, Amino Acid Glycine 0.5%.
Additives : Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural flavours, EU permitted colorants.
Analytic constituents /kg: Protein 20g, Fat 0g, Crude Fibre 0g, Vit A. 0.2mg, Vit C 0.5mg.
Feeding Instructions : Remove plastic cover or use a Beetle jelly cutter before offering to the animals.
Once open good for 5 days.
There are other flavour beetle jelly available on request. Cricket food, lactic acid, honey and brown sugar.

Weight 0.018 kg
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